Winters here are wet, windy and can be chilly.  Heavy rains mix with leaves and street sediment, occasionally causing the sewer system to become overburdened.  The heavy flow can create backups into people’s homes, too.

If you have had problems with tree roots in your sewer line, have big trees around the area your line runs, or if your line is pretty old, it would be a good idea to get it scoped to make sure the line is in decent condition.  Light issues with roots may be treatable with a DIY flushable root killer.  Bigger issues may require a professional to auger through the roots or to do a high pressure clearing of the debris.  A damaged line may require a more costly and invasive repair and replacement.

In recent years, more insurance companies have added additional sewer and water line coverage.  You should check with your insurer to see if the additional policy would cover any potential water or backed-up sewer damage to the interior of your home, too.