Proper Pricing

The nation’s dramatic housing market correction began in 2007 and lasted for about 5 years.  The Greater Seattle housing market began experiencing pricing corrections in 2008, which lasted until around 2012.  Home prices started to rebound around 2012 and prices shot up in many neighborhoods as the region experienced increased economic prosperity and an influx of new residents.  Prices and appreciation in the region have generally continued their upward trend since 2012.  COVID’s arrival in 2020 caused many analysts to predict housing prices to crater.  Several areas did see pricing and sales activity fall dramatically in the spring of 2020, but pent-up demand caused the market to roar back soon after.  Home prices have remained high ever since, despite rates that climbed to nearly 8% in late 2023.

As a seller, it’s important to put your best foot forward regardless of the market conditions.  I’ll work with you to market the best features of your home and to minimize any potential shortcomings.  A good pricing strategy can help you attract more buyers who will compete for your house when the market is strong and in your favor, and will also help you attract the right buyer when the market is not so bustling.

After your home has been repaired & updated (if necessary), cleaned, and properly staged, we’ll work together to set the terms and pricing.  Pricing your home for a good sale is both art & “science:” how do we attract the best buyers with an appealing price, but balance that against leaving money on the table?  We’ll certainly have a lot to discuss when we meet to talk about tactics for selling your home.

Ready to sell?  Let’s get going!  

Not quite ready yet?  Let’s chat anyway and see if and when a home sale might be most advantageous for you.  In the meantime, you can obtain a complimentary automated valuation report for your home HERE.  I can do a custom valuation report for you after I’ve had a chance to connect with you to learn more about your ideas and goals.